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Does the literary adaptation of my life really need a title?
'cause it's not like New Line Cinema is going to buy the rights to it.
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18th-Oct-2028 09:33 pm - Fic Archive
Welcome to the fic archive of Rie [live4dehmoment]. All the fics she has written are here, organzied by series, or just what made sense to me. If you read something, please comment! Since she loves reading comments. (:

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(By the way, for those wonder why that's in third person, it's because I'm not Rie, this is ssm_kiyumi, doing her best to make her awesome friend a good archive page :D)

(LAST EDITED: 11/23/08 by Rie-chan. Slightly changed layout and I added two chapters of 'How to Measure A Life' and the prologue of 'Seize the Day'. Thanks though to Kiyu-chan for making this page in the first place. You're awesome, kid!)

Title: The Active and Her Programmer: A fifty sentence challenge
Pairings/characters: Claire/Whiskey/whoever Claire really is/Topher, with mentions of Adelle, Boyd, and the other dolls
Genre: Friendship/Angst/Romance
Disclaimer: Owning Claire and Topher would be like owning slaves. Illegal.
Summary: Fifty sentences on the best pairing I've seen in a long time.


He'll wait forever if it means she'll come back to him.Collapse )
Title: Behind It All
Pairing/characters: Topher/Claire, mentions of Alpha, Adelle, Victor, Caroline, Paul and Echo
Rating: PG (for language, nothing more)
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: references to "The Target", "True Believer", "Haunted", and "Briar Rose"
Word Count: 2302
Challenge: "Alpha" challenge 012

13th-Apr-2009 05:47 pm - Eyes On Me (A Dollhouse Fic)

Title: Eyes On Me
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Topher/Claire (hinted), mentions of Boyd and Echo
Warnings: None (No spoilers either!)
Summary: Claire feels him watching her. (Challenge 009: "Hide")
Word Count: 221 (so short for me!)

She feels his gaze everywhere.

When she enters the room, his eyes flash to her momentarily, noticing her despite whatever she’s doing. When she’s walking past, his gaze narrows. When she heads out the door, his vision lingers on her, watching, always watching.

Some days, she tries to convince herself that it’s a poison, like he’s burning her with his eyes alone. On those days, she spends every free moment with Boyd because he doesn’t judge her. Boyd understands, perhaps more than even she understands, and he knows that all she needs is someone else, someone other than him, someone else who sees how she sees herself and is still willing to go out of their way to make sure that she’s alright.

Other days, she sees it for what it is. There are words in that gaze and it makes her feel as though he's actually speaking to her and he's willing her to listen. You can trust me, I won't hurt you, I'll watch over you, I'm here for you. And she knows that she’s hiding from him, no matter how she tries to convince herself otherwise. But she can’t do anything, not when her scars are still there to remind them what monsters they all are and when Echo still looks at her in that way, her gaze trusting and her words soothing. And she can’t tell him no, no matter what she says.

And so she hides because secretly, Claire wants Topher to look at her. And that fact scares her more than anything.

This is SOOOO different for me.
I've been itching to write a Claire/Topher fic for weeks, ever since I first saw a scene between Amy Acker and Fran Kranz (She's gorgeous and Fred-ish, he's hot and oh so hilarious. POIFECT). And I love Dollhouse because it's hilarious and amazing and it deserves a second season because Joss is wonderful and he knows how to make my world revolve around one of his shows. So here's my break from JENT Fanfics! WOW, I ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF JAPANESE BOY BANDS. HOW VERY STRANGE.
Comment if you wish, I love hearing from people!
11th-Apr-2009 09:59 pm - Takabu - A Fifty Sentence Challenge

Title: Takabu - A Fifty Sentence Challenge
Pairings: Takabu (Friendship with hints of romance), YabuJin (hinted romantic), TaDaiki (hinted romantic)
Genre: Friendship/Angst/Romance
Rating: PG (for language and some suggestion)
Disclaimer: Owning JUMP and KAT-TUN would be like owning slaves. Illegal.
Summary: 50 sentences describing Yabu Kota and Takaki Yuya, the ins and outs, the ups and downs.

JUMP!Collapse )
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